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"In The Volume Of The Book It Is Written Of Me"

Portrait of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik (c) 2003
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VOLUME 13, Letters 917 - ???
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Letter 917
First Letter of Anno Domini 2023


Wednesday, 11 January 2022, 1:03PM
A.D. 2022 ended with battles being waged, and victories being established.

A.D. 2023 is beginning with recovering from the collateral effect of winning those fights.

My hope is that this year we will complete the Letters to Daniel with Letter 999. Nine hundred ninety-nine is the Letter number that the
Lord Holy Spirit said we would end with. He indicated that sometime after Letter 999 is written, we will begin to write books based on my Letters.

I already have some of the last Letters partially written, saving them for this (perhaps final) Volume.

… continued 10 February 2023)
I continue to have dreams and visions, and to wake up sore and tired from those messages. But I was consoled recently by learning that the Prophet Daniel (of Scripture) suffered in a similar way when he received certain dreams and visions. To quote:

And I, Daniel, fainted and was sick for days;
afterward I arose and went about the king’s business.
I was astonished by the vision, but no one understood it.

Daniel 8:27***

So becoming sick and fatigued when new information is revealed is nothing new.

Late January of this year I sent a three ring binder containing Letter 214 and supporting documentation to (CB84). He has an extensive online ministry which deals with the paranormal as revealed in Scripture. To quote part of the Letter I sent to him:

“I am sending this package to you,
because I believe the Lord desires for the larger Church Body
to begin to know about this event, and
subsequent events which continue to occur in my life.
I also believe that, as referenced in First Corinthians 13,
our two respective prophetic parts may be complimentary one to another.”

I am curiously waiting to see if he responds.

Meanwhile, I continue to attend Church at (U28). They have many meetings throughout the month.

For the greater part of 2022, I was actively interceding for the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution (“2A” - the right of “We The People” to keep and bear arms). I had many dreams throughout last year which had direct application toward preserving the 2nd Amendment.

About two weeks ago the
Lord said that He was removing me from actively interceding for the Second Amendment. Right after that the Lord led me to intercede for the relationship that the U. S. has with Canada. But this lasted for only about a week.

I continue to intercede for the government of the State of Washington. This also makes me sore and tired.

(M) and I are down to having only one car (the Toyota Avalon) between us (see
Letter 916). We received a sizable compensation from the Insurance Company from their “totaling out” the Chrysler 300, and put that money in the bank.

My feeling is that our Father has another replacement Hemi-C 300 waiting for us to discover. But I think it will be toward the end of summer. For now, the Toyota is still running strong, and getting us around.

But (M) really likes her American Muscle Cars. And so do I.

***For a long time now, I have heard every so often a quiet thought in my mind that says that, in addition to my friend and brother Dan (and Jesus the Son of God) receiving these Letters, the Lord Holy Spirit has been “cc-ing” the Prophet Daniel (of Scripture), so that he has been getting his own copies of the Letters to Daniel as they are published. Makes sense to me.


R. C. Theophilus

Letter 918
Bravo Dr. Michael S. Heiser
(14 February 1963 — 20 February 2023)


Saturday, 25 February 2023, 1:32M
Today I was at the local tire store having some repair work done on our 2002 Toyota Avalon. While waiting, I fired up my MacBook Air and logged into YouTube. One of the opening entries was announcing the passing of Dr. Michael S. Heiser, who died just this last Monday, 20 February 2023. I then opened up Wikipedia.com to find an additional confirming word.

Here is what I saw (
click here for link to full article):

“Michael S. Heiser (February 14, 1963 – February 20, 2023) was an American Old Testament scholar and Christian author with training in ancient history, Semitic languages, and the Hebrew Bible from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His expertise and work focused on the nature of the spiritual realm in the Bible and about spiritual matters more generally, and he wrote more than ten books on these subjects since 2010. He served as Executive Director of the School of Ministry at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida and as a professor at Liberty University and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He ran The Naked Bible podcast and Miqlat, a ministry to disseminate his scholarship. He additionally been active in media productions around his area of interest, and in response to popular presentations relating to spiritual matters (such as material in the Stranger Things series, and in rebutting ancient astronaut conjectures).”
"In 2020, Heiser was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. On January 4, 2023, Drenna Heiser, posting on the "drmshphd" Instagram page with an accompanying picture of the hospitalized Heiser, noted that he had been admitted for severe anemia, that physicians had stabilized him and were seeking to determine a source of blood loss. On January 22, he announced on his Facebook page that he was "at the end of the road in the late stage of a very aggressive pancreatic cancer". Heiser succumbed to his illness on February 20, just a week after his 60th birthday."

The work of Dr. Heiser is important to me, in that some of his early writings were shown to me by Daniel, of whom these Letters are named. One time, in about late 2002 or early 2003, when Dan and I were at a cafe together, he gave me a printout of some of Dr. Heiser’s very early manuscripts, which Dan had discovered on the internet. The manuscript had something to do with a group of non-human personnel mentioned in the Bible called The Divine Council.

After that, I would listen to Dr. Heiser whenever he was a guest on the radio talk show Coast To Coast AM (C2C). His appearance on the show became important to me, once I discovered that he was a Christian. He talked about giants and other things in the Bible which I never learned in Sunday School.

Because of his being a frequent guest on C2C, I count him as one of those who helped me keep my employment at (G6).

Since then, I have kept up with Dr. Heiser’s work through his podcasts and other internet ministries. I also purchased his book The Unseen Realm as soon as it was available. (Later, one of my brothers gave me a hard copy of The Unseen Realm, signed by the author - Dr. Heiser.)

I could go on, and perhaps someday I may add to this Letter what little I know of the untold Kingdom Connections worldwide that Jesus has has brought about through Dr. Heiser’s work.

But until I find myself drawing my own last breath, with the prospect of entering into the Heaven built by Jesus — Bravo, Dr. Heiser, Bravo.

P. S. To quote an entry I made in an email I sent to two close friends about Dr. Heiser’s passing (which friends I wouldn’t even know if it hadn’t been for Dr. Heiser’s MIQLAT community),


SPECIAL NOTE: Click on these links for: Dr. Heiser’s Final Message, Dr. Heiser’s Dissertation.)


R. C. Theophilus

Letter 919
Two Eagles 2nd Amendment


Tuesday, 7 March 2023, 4:58AM
Below is an edited copy of an email exchange I had with (CB59).

On Mar 1, 2023, at 2:44 PM, (…) wrote:

I wanted to document what happened today when we were at (…) Firearms.

I want to remember at this point, that what took place (
occurred just) after we did the Ruger transfer, and exited from the store; if you remember different please let me know.

We were both standing at the parking lot side of the building (northwest corner), looking out toward the river.

Suddenly you said,


I looked up and saw the eagle, then I saw a second bald eagle following after the first eagle, remarking the same,


Then I commented that I suspected the Two Eagles had been over the river looking for fish.)

Moments later, (
as we walked over to our cars) you started telling me that you had to send to the IRS two amendments to your income taxes this year, calling it a “2nd amendment”.

To which I responded that I had to do the same thing last year (in 2022) for my 2021 taxes.

After we parted company, I started to think about this, and begin to realize that Jesus was showing us both a message.

I will report on what I think the message is (…).

Before you take a look at (…), maybe you want to see if the Lord tells you anything, and then compare notes.


On Mar 1, 2023, at 3:07 PM, (…) wrote:
1) LOCATION: (…) Firearms, northwest exterior corner of building.

2) ACTIVITY: FFL Transfer of Ruger .357 Magnum LCR - a gift from you to me.

3) DATE: 1 March 2023

4) WHAT: You and I both saw two bald eagles. I commented that they had (probably) been looking for fish along the river. Then you and I both shared the we both had to do a 2nd Amendment to our Federal Income Tax.

Jesus is stating that there is a prophetic significance to our activity, having to do with the 2nd Amendment of the Federal Constitution Bill of Rights, and that you and I are both witnesses to this significance. Further, it also has to do with finding fish to be caught for the Kingdom.

Jesus is also emphasizing our common continuance in agreement with Him in our prophetic duties. Even though we work independently of one another, we both do similar work, for the same Boss.

P. S. I am reminded of seeing the concrete totem pole on someone’s yard. It has been “MMIP-ed."

That’s all I have for now,,,

Yahweh Is Glorified.


R. C. Theophilus

Letters 917 - ???